Hey everybody, I’m sorry that this upload went up late. I totally forgot about DABB this week! As you can see, this is the last page of chapter 1 of Dungeons are Bad Business, but by no means is this the end of the comic! There will be a few uploads for the next couple of weeks as I put in the interlude and then the next chapter will begin after a short hiatus (probably 3-4 weeks). I’m going to continue to push myself to improve the comic with every page, and have been doing a lot of work into thinking about my designs, my coloring choices, and my overall aesthetic. Making a comic has been incredibly challenging for me, but I find it extremely rewarding and want to learn how to make something really special.

With that said, thank you so much for reading and I hope to see you back again as we continue following Vee, Alforde, Kai and Luna on their journeys from here! Have a fantastic week!